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A Beginner’s Guide To Rubber Refiner Mill

Posted by Admin on April, 12, 2022

The rubber Refiner mill is assembled and designed by utilising superior quality components at our well-equipped production unit under experienced professionals. The offered refiner mill is widely used for refining huge amounts of waste rubber items. In this article, you will come to know more about Rubber refining mills

Features Of Rubber Refining Mills

Some Features of Rubber Refiner Mills are as follows:

1. Strong structure.

2. Rust and moisture resistance.

3. Excellent working capacity.

Salient Features:

Rigid Steel Casting Steel

Graded Steel Casting Bull Bears

Graded Steel Casting gears and pinion of reduction gear-boxes to resist the heavy load.

Well designed accurately machined fluttering of rolls as per requirement

Retweeting repeated turning or replacement of linking gears is abolished with every re-grooving/ fluting of rolls.

Reduction of roll wobblers size sometimes resulting in Cracking of rolls to accommodate smaller die pinion is not required. In fact friction ratios as high as 3:1 are easily obtainable.

Rolls need not be discarded as after a certain reduction in diameter, friction gears no more remain compatible. Optimum utilization of the rolls (till the end of the chill depth) is feasible, without making any changes in the transmission or otherwise with mills.

Uses of Rubber Refiner Mills

Rubber Refiner Mills are used to manufacture crumb sheets, which are used in an array of rubber and footwear industry products, such as the EVA sole recycling process. In comparison to the back roll, the front roll has a small scale diameter.

Rubber Refiner Mill Classification

STAND: –Graded Steel Casting (Ultrasonic Tested)

HOUSING: –Graded Steel Casting (Ultrasonic Tested)

CAP: –Made of Mild Steel (MS)

BASE: –Fabricated Construction in Single Piece

ROLLS: – Chilled Cast Iron Stiffness 500- 540 Bun

BEARINGS: –Antifriction Spherical Roller Bearings

GREASE LUBRICATION: – Automatic Force Feed With the support of a Grease Pump

GEARBOX: –Heavy Duty Inline Helical Gearbox of Standard quality

MOTOR: –TEFC Energy Efficient Motor of Standard Make

NIP ADJUSTMENT: –Gearbox with Hand Wheel

Benefits Of Rubber Refiner Mills

Some benefits of Rubber Refiner Mill are as follows:

Universal nip roll adjustment’s

Roller revolution on Anti-friction Roller Bearings.

Uni-drive system through specially designed coupling.

Use of Branded Gearboxes i.e. Elec on/Shanti/Greaves.

Power saving.

Dust stops roller guides.

Zero maintenance.

Steel cast and fabricated stands & caps.

Better production results Insights.

Smooth & hassle-free performance

Compact Construction

Premium quality at the Best Price

High energy efficiency Good Saving

Reasonable pricing Of Refiner Mill

How is Rubber Refiner Mill Designed

A rubber refiner mill is mainly utilised for the refining of reclaimed rubber. The operational ease and functional performance make this mill your preferred machinery in the reclaim rubber industry for refining pure and fine rubber powder from waste. Similar in construction to an open mixing mill, you will observe that its distinguishing feature is that both the rolls have a different diameter.

The front roll is smaller in diameter as contrasted to the back roll. And hence when you see a refiner mill identified as 21″ x 24″ x 36″, you simply need to decode it as the Front Roll diameter is 21 inches. The Rear Roll diameter is 24 inches and both the rolls have the same face length of 36 inches.

The Rear Rolls have a higher surface speed than the Front Rolls again a similar attribute of a regular rubber mixing mill. However, in your refiner mill, the differential sized rolls turning at considerably different speeds supplies a high friction ratio. The ratio of the speed of your Front Roll to Rear Roll could vary in the range of 1:1.75 to 1:2.50 depending on your process requirement.

When the rolls are set quite tightly to one another (i.e. close nip-gap adjustment of 0.05mm), refined rubber in thin-sheet form (~ 0.10mm) is manufactured. This sheet that you get is normally smooth, uniform and free of grain or lumps. In this refining process, the impurities contained in reclaimed rubber are squeezed by rolls to both sides of the rubber sheet which can be removed.

Rubber Refiner Mill is similar in aspect, construction and features of safety and operation; as a beginner, you simply require to absorb that there are special kinds of two-roll mills used in the reclaim rubber industry to produce smooth and homogeneous rubber sheets.

Get in touch with a top-rated Rubber Refiner Exporter in New Delhi and get the rubber refiner mill exported outside India. This refiner mill is properly checked by its quality controllers as per defined parameters before it is exported.

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