A Guide To Choose Unidrive Rubber Mixing Machine

Posted by Admin on February, 14, 2024

The rubber refiner mill is put together and built at our state-of-the-art production facility by skilled experts using top-notch components. Large volumes of waste rubber products are frequently refined using the refiner mill that is being offered. You will learn more about rubber refining mills in this article.

Rubber Refining Mill Features

The following are a few characteristics of rubber refiner mills:

1. Strong structure.

2. Resistance against moisture and rust.

3. Outstanding capability for operation.

Key Elements:

• Steel Casting Rigid Steel

• Steel Casting Bull Bears with Grades. The reduction gearboxes' pinion and graded steel casting gears are designed to withstand large loads.

• Well-thought-out, precisely manufactured roll fluttering by specifications

• Every time a roll is reshaped or fluted, there is no need to repeatedly turn or replace the connecting gears.

• It is not necessary to reduce the size of the roll wobblers to fit a smaller die pinion, as this can occasionally cause the rolls to crack. In actuality, it is not difficult to achieve friction ratios as high as 3:1.

• Rolls don't have to be thrown away because friction gears stop being compatible at a specific diameter reduction. It is possible to use the rollers to their full potential (until the cold depth is reached) without modifying the transmission or working with other mills.

Rubber Refiner Mill Applications

Rubber Refiner Mills produce crumb sheets, which are utilized in a variety of goods related to the rubber and footwear industries, including the recycling process for EVA soles. The scale diameter of the front roll is less than that of the back roll.

Rubber Refiner Mill Advantages

The following are some advantages of Unidrive Rubber Mixing Mill that one can source from Unidrive Rubber Mixing Mill manufacturer in Delhi:

• Adjustable universal nip rolls

• Anti-friction roller revolution Roller Bearings.

• Uni-drive system via a connection that has been carefully built.

• Utilizing Branded Gearboxes, such as Elec on, Shantan, or Greaves.

• Conserving electricity.

• Roller guides are halted by dust.

• No upkeep required.

• Stands and caps made of manufactured and cast steel.

• Improved manufacturing outcomes and insights.

• Easy and seamless operation

• Small-scale construction

• Superior caliber at the Lowest Cost

• Excellent energy economy Good Deal

• Fair pricing for the refiner mill

How is the Design of the Unidrive Rubber Mixing Mill?

Reclaimed rubber is mostly refined in a rubber refiner plant. In the reclaim rubber business, this mill is the go-to piece of equipment for refining waste rubber into a pure, fine powder because of its easy operation and high functional performance. Its architecture is similar to that of an open mixing mill, but what sets it apart is that each wheel has a distinct diameter.

Compared to the back roll, the diameter of the front roll is smaller.

Therefore, all you have to do is decode a refiner mill that is identified as 21 x 24 x 36 because the front roll diameter is 21 inches. Both rolls have the same face length of 36 inches, while the rear roll's diameter is 24 inches.

Similar to a typical rubber mixing mill, the Rear Rolls have a faster surface speed than the Front Rolls. On the other hand, a high friction ratio is provided by the differentially sized rolls in your refiner mill, which rotate at significantly different speeds. Depending on the requirements of your process, the front-to-rear roll speed ratio may range from 1:1.75 to 1:2.55.

Follow this guide to choose the right Unidrive Rubber Mixing Mill for your use.

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